Your Pet's Second Family

Pet Boarding in Kempsey


Your Pet’s Second Home

No matter the circumstances, leaving a pet behind can be tough. Fortunately, people in Kempsey, Crescent Head, South West Rocks and beyond can count on Furhill Pet Boarding to make it as easy as possible. If you need pet boarding and grooming that offers personalised attention and care, Furhill has you and your four-legged family members covered.

Furhill Pet Boarding keeps operations small so that your pet gets the very best. You can find us on our beautiful 127 acre property with clean, cosy accommodation for pets of all sizes.

Have a pet who needs medication or has other special needs? No worries, Furhill’s owner/operator is also an experienced veterinary nurse. Board your pet with confidence knowing their wellbeing and comfort will be attended to by true animal lovers who live on-site.

Take that holiday or business trip and by the time you return, your pet will consider Furhill their second home.
Man Hugging Dog — Furhill Pet Boarding in East Kempsey, NSW
Small Dog with Hair Tied Up — Furhill Pet Boarding in East Kempsey, NSW
Get all the details on our boarding services. Premium meals twice daily, one-on-one playtime every day and much more. Up to date vaccinations required.
Dog Getting Groomed — Furhill Pet Boarding in East Kempsey, NSW
No time to wash the dog? Furhill Pet Boarding is also a full service doggie salon
Grey Cat Resting Chin on Finger — Furhill Pet Boarding in East Kempsey, NSW
Learn more about our rates including peak rates, grooming costs, long-term boarding and a menu of extras you can add to your pet’s stay.

Frequently Asked Questions


What are the rates for boarding?


Please see our pricing page for more information or contact us directly to discuss.

Can dogs share?


Only pets from the same family are permitted to share and this is dependent on the size of your pet.

Can I board my cats?


Please contact us directly to discuss your cat boarding requirements.

Are inspections welcome?

You are more than welcome to come and check out our facility before making the decision to board your pet. Please contact us to make an appointment to come and visit.

Pick-up and drop-off hours?


The hours for pick-up and drop-off of your pet are from 8am-10am & 4pm-6pm. For pick-up and drop-off outside of these hours, please contact us directly to discuss.

What vaccinations are necessary?


Prior to admission, we require written proof of vaccination by a registered veterinarian.
All dogs require the C5 vaccination. This vaccination covers distemper, hepatitis, parvovirus, parainfluenza and Bordetella bronchiseptica. Dogs that receive the yearly C3 vaccination must still have a yearly canine cough vaccination.

Are flea & tick treatments necessary?


Flea and tick treatments are recommended for all pets staying at Furhill Pet Boarding. If live fleas are discovered on your pet at check in, they will be treated at your expense.

Can I bring my pets personal items in with them?


Everything your pet needs for a happy holiday will be supplied at Furhill. However, if your pet has a special toy or blanket that they would like to bring, we are happy for them to do so. Please be aware that no matter how well your pet takes care of their toys and blankets at home, they may damage, destroy or completely demolish them in a boarding situation. We take all care but accept no responsibility for the safe return of their special teddy!