Rates, Extras & Discounts

Whether you’re a Macleay Valley local or just passing through the Mid North Coast, the Furhill Pet Boarding humans would love to be able to look after your pet. Please review our rates and special notes carefully as you plan your pet’s stay. All rates are subject to change without notice.

Cat And Dog — Furhill Pet Boarding in East Kempsey, NSW

Boarding Rates


Standard rate
Peak rate
Small dog (<10kg)
Medium dog (11-26kg)
Large dog (>27kg)
Two small dogs in shared accommodation

Grooming & Extras


Bath, blow-dry, brush & nail clip
Large/Very hairy

Groom (as above including a full clip)
Nature walks
Midday snack
Local pick-up &/or delivery

Special Notes


  • A deposit equal to half of the estimated booking fee is due on confirmation. The balance is due upon check in.
  • Refunds: Your deposit is refundable if you cancel your pet’s stay at least seven days prior to scheduled check in. For peak periods, cancellations must be made no later than 21 days in advance. If we are unable to refund your deposit due to short notice of cancellation, we will hold the deposit for 12 months as a credit towards your next booking.
  • Any additional charges incurred must be paid before or at check out. If the pet’s stay is reduced during peak periods, the full booking amount is payable.

  • Discounts are available for long-term stays. Please call us to discuss.

Peak Periods


Peak periods include Christmas, Easter and NSW public holidays. Furhill Pet Boarding has minimum stays for the peak periods as follows:

  • 5 days over the Christmas period (defined as the 20th Dec – 31st Jan)
  • 3 days over the Easter period (Good Friday to Easter Monday inclusive)
  • 2 days for all public holidays

Please contact us for any additional information or questions you may have regarding our services and pricing.