Terms & conditions


Health, Safety & Responsibility


Please read Furhill Pet Boarding’s terms and conditions carefully. Upon check-in, you will be asked to review and sign the following:

  • I release and indemnify Furhill from any responsibility, liabilities, claims, damages, and expenses for paralysis tick, canine influenza, and any loss, injury, sickness or death of any pet boarded at Furhill, howsoever caused including by any negligent act or omission of Furhill, its employees or agents.

  • I will pay the charges per calendar day during the period of boarding of all pets left at Furhill. I will pay all fees for boarding prior to or upon admission and any extra costs that may be incurred on collection of the pet including any vet fees deemed necessary.

  • I authorise Furhill to obtain veterinary attention for any pets, including any treatment or investigative procedures deemed necessary. It will be at the discretion of Furhill if the pet needs the attendance of a veterinary practitioner and I agree to pay all vet costs before the pet leaves Furhill. If the owner cannot be contacted, the vet’s decision will be final.

  • I give consent for Furhill to administer preventative treatment for fleas, ticks, intestinal worms and heartworm should it be deemed necessary by Furhill.

  • I agree that the signing of this agreement will give Furhill lien over the pets in favour of Furhill, which lien shall continue to exist while monies are owing pursuant to this agreement.

  • I warrant that I am the said owner of the pets or authorised person by the owner to enter into this agreement and I understand and have read and agree to all the conditions.