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Your Pet’s Other Family

Furhill Pet Boarding in Kempsey combines the personal care of a small, family-owned and operated business with professional service and facilities.

Mel and Matt purchased their 127 acre property in 2018 with the express purpose of opening Furhill. After receiving Council approval for the project, construction began in 2019.
The Furhill humans currently consist of Mel, a veterinary nurse with over 15 years of experience, Matt, a genuine animal lover and all-round handyman and their four two-legged kids. There’s also a collection of four-legged and feathered residents including Wazi the dog, Weazel and Mauw the cats, chickens, guinea fowl who think they are chickens, horses who think they are dogs, and cows who look like pandas. Together, the whole family has a commitment to providing a genuinely caring boarding experience for their four-legged visitors which means that owners can be assured of the best possible care for their pets.

Today, pets enjoy many of the same comforts at Furhill that they do at home. Individual attention and cuddles, outdoor playtime and a secure space of their own.

Owners can enjoy the peace of mind they get from leaving their pet at our brand new, state-of-the-art boarding house. They can also feel more secure knowing our council-approved facilities are owned and monitored by a vet nurse who has their pet’s wellbeing in mind.

Golden Cocker Spaniel — Furhill Pet Boarding in East Kempsey, NSW

The Furhill Difference


The decision about what to do with your pet when planning a holiday or other absence from home can be a difficult one. As stressful as it can be to leave your pet behind, it can be even more stressful to travel with them. There are considerations to take into account regarding how your pet will handle the trip. Leaving your pet with a friend or family member isn’t always possible and can come with it’s own difficulties.

Will your pet become distressed on a plane or in the car? Will they tear up everything in the hotel room or cabin while you’re out? Does the friend or family member have secure fencing? Will your pet get on with their animals? What happens if they get sick? And if you do decide to take them to a kennel, will they be crated and left alone?

Furhill Pet Boarding in Kempsey eliminates every one of these concerns. Our property is secure, and our boarding area is designed especially for housing pets. But most importantly, your pet will get all the comfort and care they need should they get sick or upset. We are happy to cater to the special needs of our visitors be it some company while they eat dinner, or a paw being held during those scary thunder storms.

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"Awesome facilities - loving and caring owner! Our snags Molly & Ellie have just had 2 nights with Mel, and we couldn’t be happier."

Nicole S.
"Due to the fires in our area we needed to board our Labrador, Maggie, at short notice. Mel was very accommodating and so Maggie is the first guest at Furhill at short notice! We were given a tour of the new kennels and amenities and it looks outstanding and the detail is all about the pets. We feel very lucky indeed to have found Mel and Furhill and will be ongoing guests."

Jennifer C.