Pet grooming in Kempsey


Trusted Pet Grooming Experts

Proper grooming is very important for every pet. However, it can be a difficult task for the average person, who doesn’t have the proper equipment or necessary experience. Located in Kempsey, Furhill offers a full-service pet grooming salon for furry friends of all sizes and needs.

Cat Grooming — Furhill Pet Boarding in East Kempsey, NSW
Dog Being Washed — Furhill Pet Boarding in East Kempsey, NSW

Pet Grooming Services

Grooming services at Furhill include hydrobaths, blow-drying, clipping, general grooming and nail trimming. Please check out our pricing page and note that fees differ based on size and length/density of fur.

Are you planning to board your pet at Furhill? Pets who stay with us for more than seven days are treated to a complimentary hydrobath.


How Often Should I Have My Pet Groomed?

We recommend bringing your pet in for regular grooming appointments. This helps your pet to more quickly feel comfortable as they get to know us and become familiar with the process. Of course, the exact services they need and how often depends on several factors. The length of their fur, their breed, and how much time they spend outdoors (or in the dam!) impacts how frequently they need grooming.

Furhill also recommend getting new pets such as puppies accustomed to grooming early on. The friendly staff at Furhill can show your pup that bath time is no reason for concern and most pups quickly come to enjoy their visits with us

Dog Grooming — Furhill Pet Boarding in East Kempsey, NSW